UTP Engineering Short Courses

The Universidad Tecnologica de Panamá invites you to be part of the UTP Engineering Short Courses. With the opportunity to learn different topics related to Panama and its impact on the world we know.

List of available courses

The student can select three courses from the following options:

  • Panama – International Logistics Hub
  • Panama, The Route – Crossroad, Railroad, Panama Canal
  • Forest Engineering in Central America Tropic

  • Panamanian Orchids – Endemism and Distribution

  • Green Energies in Panama: How can they help with technological growth

  • Understanding CO2 emissions in Panama, a carbon negative country.


Other courses

  • Ecotourism (Spanish)
  • Culture and Environment (Spanish)
  • Inventory Management and Customer Service
  • Quality management

The program includes:

  • Participation certificate
  • Use of Microsoft Teams platform or WiFi on site
  • Social program


Up to 3 weeks – 30 hours

For more information:

Feel free to consult the Booklet on this program down below if you want to know the full schedule and pricing as well as more information in general.

Program Contact Information:

Program manager: Aris Castillo, Office of International Affairs 
Technical coordinators: Carolina Granada and Estephany Pineda
Platform: Microsoft Teams 
Emails: aris.castillo@utp.ac.pacarolina.granada@utp.ac.pa, estephany.pineda@utp.ac.pa