The school year of the Technological University of Panama is divided in:

  • Summer, I Semester  and II Semester

Summer intensive courses may be offered during vacation or academic breaks.

Duration:  Each period has a duration of 16 weeks of classes or the equivalent.

For graduate studies, the courses may be divided into modules and the subjects taught there are equivalent in duration and number of credits to those available during the regular semester.


For undergraduate and technical courses (Bachelor´s and Technical degrees) the class hour last 45 minutes, for graduate studies (master´s degree) the class hour has duration of 55 minutes.


The credit system used by the Technological University of Panama recognizes as the number of credits the number of academic sessions.

One (1) credit hour corresponds to: One (1) hour of class or seminar per week or period of two (2) or three (3) hours of weekly laboratory work (testing and demostration of theorical concepts) or a period of two (2) to four (4) weekly hours of hands-on workshops or Field Practice (practical applications and development of manual skills and the like).

Semester grades are granted on the basis of the average of the points obtained by the student in each course (class or lab work if any, attendance, midterm exams and final exams) according to the following scale:

Points                                        Grade                            Meaning           GPA Quivalence
From 91 to 100                            A                             Outstanding            2.50 to 3.00
From 81 to 90                              B                                    Good                   1.75 to 2.49
From 71 to 80                              C                                 Adequate              1.00 to 1.74
From 61 to 70                              D                      Minimally Acceptable           –
Less than 61                                 F                                      Failure                         –


The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the general average of the grades earned by the student in a particular undergraduate program, likewise the GPA of graduate studies is the average of all the grades earned by the student in a graduate program.To calculate the GPA, a numeric value is assigned to each letter grade: A is equivalent to 3; B to 2; C to 1; D and F to 0.

The GPA of undergraduate or graduate studies indicates the academic standing of the student and is used to determine whether the student remains in a particular undergraduate or graduate program.

The maximum passing grade GPA for an undergraduate or graduate program is 3.00

For the undergraduate and technical courses (Bachelor´s and Technical degrees) the minimum passing grade is “D” and it is the minimum acceptable grade for a non-core course in the corresponding program.

The student that obtains a “D” is entitled to repeat the course for the purpose of improving his/her GPA.

 The term “Accredited” in a course means that the student has already passed the course with a grade equal to or better than “C”, in another School of this university or in another prestigious university.