Admission Process:

First step:

Identify the School in which you wish to study:


  1. Review the programs of studies of the school in which applies for admission and select the subjects for the semester you are about to make the exchange.
  2. Please fill out the form of Academic Agreement (Learning Agreement). In this form, the student must list the subjects (with their respective codes) that you want to take in the UTP.
  3. The exchange student can only enroll subjects that are taught in the same School.
  4. For the internship option, if you want to do a research project, check the section of research.

Second Step:

The person in charge of exchanges at the home university shall send electronically to DRI-UTP (( the following information:

“Academic Agreement Form (Formulario-Interno-Del-Exterior-a-la-UTP)

  • Letter of nomination of the home University
  • Letter Intent (student)
  • Student Academic Record
  • Copy of passport
  • A photo

International Medical Insurance (it is mandatory in case of being admitted at UTP).


Third Step:

DRI-UTP will send electronically to the responsible for exchange the home university and to the exchange student an admission letter; the original copy is given to the student at the time of arrival at DRI UTP. It is mandatory that the student is present in Panama to enroll.


Fourth Step:

The International Student Mobility Coordinator at UTP will send information about Panama and options for accommodations and the student and the International Student Mobility Coordinator will maintain a constant communication before and during the exchange.

Fifth Step:

At the end of the semester, the student must check his grades in the system and go to DRI Office to get his certification; then the DRI of the UTP sends the student a scanned copy of the certification of qualifications and the original is sent by postal mail to the University.

Note: In the case of a project, it will be issue a document that certifies from a Faculty, Research Center or an Administrative Unit the work developed.

                                                 UTP Academic calendar
I Semester II Semester
Home of course March Last week of July
Closure of course July December 15
Delivery of Certification of Skills August January / February





Refer to the Academic Calendar:


Deadline for receiving nominations:

To study at:

  • First semester (March – July): from January 1st to February 20th
  • Second semester (August – December): from April 15th to June 10th