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Virtual subjects

The Technological University of Panama through the Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technology maintains a list of subjects taught virtually asynchronously with the use of our Virtual Platform for Academic Support (Moodle)
– eCampus
– Virtual UTP Contingent –
CampusVirtual UTP
Mobility students are given support for the creation of their profiles, as well as an institutional UTP email is also enabled.
For more information about our technological tools please visit the following links:

Below you will find the respective links to download the list of virtual subjects and subjects in English available.

list of virtual subjects


courses in English


Qualification system

The credit system used by the Technological University of Panama recognizes as number of credits the number of academic sessions. One (1) credit hour corresponds to: one (1) hour of class or seminar per week or period of two (2) or three (3) hours of weekly laboratory work (testing and demonstration of theoretical concepts) or a period of two (2) to four (4) hours per week of practical workshops or field practices (practical applications and development of manual and similar skills).


Grade Meaning GPA Quivalence

91 to 100

To Outstanding

2.50 to 3.00

81 to 90 B Well

1.75 to 2.49

71 to 80 C Adequate

1.00 to 1.74

61 to 70

D Minimally acceptable

less than 61 F Failure

Learn more: Rating system

Activities and services of the University


It provides a range of university texts from renowned publishers around the world and competitively priced. University Clinic:Offers students nursing consultations, health education, certificates of good health, nutritional support and referrals. Specialized Language Center:Here you can find courses in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish for foreigners, as well as the application of institutional exams TOEFL (paper), ELASH (English language assessment system for Hispanics), EXADEP (admission test to graduate studies), TOEFL iBT.


The Sports Department organizes every year, a biannual sports program that develops internal leagues in different sports. In the same way, he prepares and trains the selections for interuniversity tournaments, national championships and international competitions. List of sports: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Flag Football, Athletics, Cheerleading, Karate, Softball, Swimming, Rugby, Baseball, Fencing, Five-Player Football, Archery, Chess. Contacts:

More information:: Sports

Responsibility of students

At UTP, students should be responsible and keep in mind the following rules Know the university's internal rules, including:

  • The student must commit to attend each of their classes, as attendance is part of the final grade (late arrivals also count as absences)
  • In case of withdrawal and including subjects, the student must inform the corresponding authorities to make the change in the system and inform their teachers and the DRI.
  • Maintain regular contact with students and teachers, especially in group projects.
  • Dress code
  • Inform DRI when you have finished your semester and have all your final grades on the platform

UTP Culture

The Department of Culture of the Technological University of Panama (UTP), offers spaces for the integral development of students, through the training of its members, through the existing cultural groups in each of the Regional Centers and in the Central Campus, Dr. Víctor Levi Sasso. It also offers logistical services in cultural activities of the university community.

Contact: Licda. Noridis Castillo: