Becas del Gobierno de Rusia (2021-2022)

The Government of the Russian Federation provides the Republic of Panama annually with scholarships for different levels of study(four-year bachelor's degree called "Bachelor Degree" or five-year degree called "Specialty Degree", master's degree and doctorate)in Russian institutions of higher education on behalf of the Russian public budget. Scholarships are awarded to Panamanian citizens, stateless persons and/or Russian compatriots, residing in Panama.

The scholarship covers:

  • Cost of studies,
  • A preparatory year for people who are not fluent in the Russian language
    (intensive Russian courses are provided for, as well as basic subjects
    taught in a career);
  • Payment of the monthly stipend
  • Accommodation in student residence with reduced lodging rates.

The Russian side does not assume the costs of:

  • the purchase of air tickets to and from the place
    of study (transfer);
  • health insurance;
  • food and public transport.

In order to participate in the call you must comply with the following steps:

First stage

1. From January to March of each year please register on the EDU electronic platform. RS.GOV.RU,create an electronic account of the applicant, attach the scanned copies of the education documents
(must be apostilled),passport and medical certificates (see below in TERMS AND CONDITIONS).

After completing the training of this dossier, the SUBMIT APPLICATION button (eng.) is pressed, then you need to write to the email,indicating the name of the applicant and the code of their profile.

2. March: preselection of the candidates by the Embassy.

Second stage

1. March-April: The shortlisted candidates add to their electronic dossier in EDU. RS.GOV.RU (FUTURE-IN-RUSSIA.COM) the Russian translations of all documents previously submitted. Such translations must be done by a translator with the official license (for more information you can send the corresponding request to the Embassy).

In the event that a candidate is not approved by the Russian Side to receive a scholarship from the Government of Russia, the latter may submit his candidacy
in EDU. RS.GOV.RU (FUTURE-IN-RUSSIA.COM) to enter into a commercial contract to start paid studies at one of the Russian universities.

2. April-May: The documents of the shortlisted candidates
are sent to the Russian Agency "Rossotrudnichestvo" and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for further approval.

3. August-September: The Russian Agency "Rossotrudnichestvo"
informs the candidates about the results of the second stage of the contest through the EDU platform. RS.GOV.RU (FUTURE-IN-RUSSIA.COM) or email. Formal invitations to complete the visa formal procedures at the Consulate of the Russian Embassy in Panama are then sent to the selected candidates;

4. September-October: The selected candidates travel to Russia to start their university studies.

Application Process

Online Application:

Please register on the EDU electronic platform. RS.GOV.RU (FUTURE-IN-RUSSIA.COM),i.e. create your own profile, attach a photo and fill out the questionnaire, choosing the level of training, the name of the educational program and the Russian educational institution. The specific specialties (with their codes and full designations) within the areas of study, as well as the corresponding higher education institutions can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (in English and Russian):

At the time of registration it is recommended that applicants indicate in the electronic form of 3 to 6 Russian universities as the preferred destinations for their education, taking into consideration that the final decision in this regard belongs to the Russian Party.

The documents required to be presented in electronic format (scanned) in EDU. RS.GOV.RU (FUTURE-IN-RUSSIA.COM) are as follows for Undergraduate (Bachelor Degree or Specialty Degree) and Postgraduate (Master Degree):

  • Electronic FORM filled out in Russian or English,
    with color photograph, with personal data, form of teaching, the code
    and full name of the chosen career and the other required data. All fields on the form must be killed.
    It is important that the candidate's residence address, telephone number and e-mail address are indicated;
  • SCANNED COPY of the EDUCATIONAL TITLE with annexes
    and indication of subjects studied and notes received in the final exams with apostille;
  • SCANNED COPY of passport pages containing personal data. The passport must be valid and valid for no less than 18 months from the expected date of entry into Russia;
  • Scanned COPY of the MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, issued
    by an official public health agency, stating the absence of
    contradictions and medical restrictions to carry out the studies
    in Russia;
  • SCANNED COPY of the HIV/AIDS CERTIFICATE, issued by an official public health agency;
  • Scanned COPIES of diplomas certifying
    proficiency in the Russian language, if any;
  • SCANNED COPIES of the DIPLOMAS of winners of national and international competitions and/or Olympics, related to
    the field of future education, if any.

PhD applicants must submit to the EDU system. RS.GOV.RU (FUTURE-IN-RUSSIA.COM) also a list of scientific publications and/or a brief review (from 1 to 2 pages) in Russian language specifying the scientific topic of his future research.

In order to properly apostille the documents, it must be addressed
to the Department of Authentication and Legalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama (tel.: 511-4045).


For the Russian Side the eliminatory criteria will be the level of proficiency of the Russian language, general academic index, the academic level of a candidate, certificates of winners of the national and international competitions and/or

Upon arrival in Russia, fellows must:

  • Bring with you and present to the university your passport, the originals of the above-mentioned documents, authenticated before a notary or the Consulate of Russia (with its apostilles, official
    and legalized translations); originals of the medical – general
    and HIV/AIDS certificates (with their proper official and legalized translations),
    as well as 7 photographs 4 x 6 cm
  • Have financial resources to cover the expenses of your stay in Russia (food, clothing, local transportation) throughout the study
    period (not less than $250 per month)
  • Purchase a health insurance policy, which is priced approximately $150-$250 per year;
  • Provide clothing and footwear suitable for the weather
    seasons and climatic conditions of Russia;
  • To have an amount of not less than $250 to reimburse the costs of receiving at the airport, possible transfer from Moscow to the city of destination (transfer).
The school year in Russia starts on September 1st.


General information about teaching in Russia

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