Technology University of Panama

Master’s degree in Software Engineering

S033: Software Engineering

S034: Requirement Engineering Process

S035: Design and Evaluations of Software Architecture

S036: Database implementation for ubiquitous environments

S039:  Models and Methods for Evaluation and process improvement in Software Engineering

S041: Project Management in Software Engineering

S042: Production of Software and Intellectual Property Regulation

Master’s degree in Computer Security

S001: Security Systems I

S002: Cryptography And Its Applications

S003: Security Systems II

S004: Security In Operating Systems

S005: Mobile Security

S006: Secure Applications

S007: Database Security

S008: Ethics And Legislation In Computer Security

S009: Management Of Security Incidents

S010: Computer Forensics

S011: Administration Of Computer Security

Bachelor Degree

First Semester

8867: Design and Creativity I

8879: Systems Dynamics, Modeling and Simulation

Second Semester

7585: Control Theory

3051:  Mechanical Design

Graduate School

First Semester

  1. Instrumental Analysis
  2. Dynamic and Advance Control
  3.  Math for Engineers I
  4. Mechanics of Continuous Media

Second Semester

  1. Math for Engineers II
  2. Phenomenon of Transportation
  3. Regression and Design Experiments