Call For Incoming International Mobility For BTU students 2nd Semester

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June 2, 2021

Call For Incoming International Mobility For BTU students 2nd Semester

Open call for incoming international mobility for the II Semester 2022 (August – December) at the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá in face-to-face mode.

Application dates:

Our application period is open up to June 18, 2022.

  • Official start of the II academic semester 2022 will be with enrollment on August 1st. The detailed 2022-2023 academic calendar is available at the following link:

Required documentation:

About the documentation required to request the letter of acceptance from the General Secretary of the UTP, from the International Relations Department we collect the following:

  1. Fill out the UTP mobility form with the required personal information and place the list of subjects to be taken depending on the semester, faculty and career (it is mandatory to place the subject code).
  2. Copy of personal identity or passport.
  3. Motivation letter (minimum 1 page in Spanish).
  4. Official credits or academic history of notes.
  5. Curriculum vitae (in Spanish. Please consider to visibly place the date of birth, email and contact cell phone).
  6. Application letter signed by the person in charge of mobility at the destination university.
  7. Spanish language certificate.

NOTE: You must send the documentation in a single PDF file to / /

Academic Offer:

FACULTY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING: Bachelor of Environmental Engineering

  • The Study Plan is in PDF format to download


(1.) The subjects to be chosen must only be from the semester that the student is coming to study, that is, subjects that appear in the study plan in the second semester.

(2.) It is not allowed to select elective subjects (“EE/E”), since these depend on the faculty and the number of people to enroll to open the subject.

(3.) Only careers from one (1) faculty can be chosen.

(4.) The student can select a limit of five (5) subjects from a maximum of three (3) careers.

(5.) If the student is going to study the course of graduation work, the student must look for a UTP tutor/professor who will evaluate their work or research project. At the end, the teacher tutor will issue a certificate with the evaluation so that the student’s university of origin is taken into account.

(6.) The schedules of the groups are published depending directly on the faculties. The UTP usually opens quotas in the morning, afternoon and evening hours but everything will depend on the demand and organization of the departments of the faculties.

(7.) The student will receive their admission certificate signed by our General Secretary, the creation of their profile will be processed at the enrollment site and their access to institutional mail, as well as educational platforms.

(8.) The mobility coordinator will indicate the steps to be followed so that the student can formalize their enrollment according to their enrollment appointment assigned by the destination UTP faculty.

(9.) There will be subjects that will continue to be taught exclusively online through the platforms used by the UTP such as MS Teams and Moodle.

(10.) At the end of the experience, the student must request their transcript, which will be requested and may take from 3 to 5 business days. Once this list will be sent to the student with a copy to the mobility coordinator of the university of origin.

All courses will require the presence of students in the campus facilities, following biosecurity measures. Changes may occur according just to the conditions of our National Government and Academic Council, which would be announced.


These guides will help you to choose the subjects to study in our house of studies:

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